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Capital Automotive offers a wide variety of products for you, many with customizable levels of protection and prevention.

In the age of social media, one well-worded complaint can go viral. And when a breakdown occurs on a vehicle NOT under warranty, tempers can flare. A Limited Warranty can be the difference between a thankful customer and an irate one.
Limited Warranties are our most popular branding technique because they help dealers:

    • Sell more cars
    • Create opportunities for additional product sales in the Finance Department
    • Encourage service loyalty
    • Increase underwriting and reinsurance profits
    • Protect and enhance your unique brand

We have a variety of options available to fit any inventory. Give us a call to see what works for you!

With so many service contracts on the market it can be difficult to filter through what you really need? Capital Automotive has done that research and has the following options to offer:

    • Exclusionary: available on vehicles with less than 150,000 miles
    • High Mileage: available on 21-year-old vehicles with less than 238,000 miles
    • Competitive Manufacturer Wraps and Certified Pre-Owned Wrap

Every dealer, franchise or independent, offers Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) to protect their customers’ credit, but all GAP isn’t created equal. We only offer GAP underwritten by an AM Best A- (Excellent) property and casualty insurer at a competitive price and our hassle-free claims process helps reinforce your relationship with customers.

Our full suite of products includes an ancillary bundle where, depending on your state, you could offer Tire & Wheel, Dent & Ding, Key Replacement, Windshield and Nationwide Roadside Assistance to your consumers on one form.

Our Appearance Protection Package is easy to install, effective and a wonderful product for your finance department to offer your buyers. A summary of coverage includes the following:

    • Interior coverage: Rips, tears, burns, soils, spills and stains
    • Exterior coverage: Love bugs, hard water etching, bird droppings, loss of gloss and road salts

We offer the most effective theft deterrent product available on the market. It has been verified by ISO (Insurance Services Office) to out-perform any other theft product on the market. This unique product provides piece of mind to the customer and a significant profit opportunity for your dealership.

Are you interested in driving more RO’s, retaining additional new and used customer to your service department and growing your fixed operations? The easiest way to do all three is to offer maintenance on every menu. Capital Automotive has uncovered the precise recipe to bring finance, service and customer needs together and maintenance is a pivotal component.

Features and highlights

    • Available for new and used vehicles
    • Back end advance with specific lenders
    • Online claims fulfillment
    • Reinsurance and retro options available

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Marketing and Program Support

  • At Capital Automotive, we help you increase owner satisfaction and customer loyalty.
  • We don’t just provide you with the tools you need, we make sure all your people have the training and support to use them successfully. Early exposure to your products helps build familiarity and trust among your customers, and by helping you improve the customer F&I experience, you will see decreased transaction times and amplified productivity.
  • Our full marketing support includes educational protection plan videos, web content, and easy-to-understand print and digital collateral materials—all designed to help you educate your customers about F&I products sooner and with more clarity.

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