Capital Training

Capital Training
Real Life Training with Real Results

Are you maximizing F&I profits that are critical in today’s marketplace?

One of the challenges facing the automotive industry is consistent maximization of profits in the F&I department. The opportunity? To provide quality, relevant products and consistent, professional training that guarantees your dealership’s success. We share a results-based, customer-friendly sales process combined with an effective, compliant menu selling system that allows your customer choices that are profitable for you. And all processes are designed with full measurable disclosure to keep your facility compliant with federal and state law. We can also help with Red Flag Compliance laws. At Capital Training Solutions we focus on people, process, products and pay to help you achieve your F&I goals.

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Is your F&I department providing you with profits over $1,400 PRV, VSC penetration of over %55, and over 25% aftermarket penetration? We can get you there. Build an incredible F&I department with our profit-minded, growth-oriented training program.


Stuck in a rut? Find yourself taking shortcuts? Has it been a while since you were truly excited to help your company capitalize on all that F&I has to offer? No matter who you are or how long you’ve worked in F&I, everyone needs regular and consistent training, training that gets back to basics—commitment, consistency, and discipline. By focusing on the basics, you’ll see increases in both customer satisfaction and profits. By receiving regular training you’ll learn new ways to showcase your company’s F&I offerings, you’ll learn how you can be better prepared in all situations, and you will increase your personal stats. So whether you are new to the game, a seasoned pro looking to rejuvenate, or a sales manager looking to better understand the techniques and processes of F&I, this course is for you.

Finance and Insurance Training and Certification Course Coverage Overview

Finance and Insurance Training and Certification Course coverage overview
The Principles of Selling

  • Ability to discover the customer’s needs
  • Buying psychology
  • Effective ways to engage the customer and create interest
  • Effective questioning
  • Asking questions that get a “yes”

Cultivating Lender Relationships

  • Keys to better callbacks
  • Finding the right mix of lenders

The Professional F&I Process

  • Effective ways for learning word tracks
  • The proper way to conduct an assessment of needs interview
  • Effective menu presentation
  • Effective relationship with sales desk

The Professional F&I Process

  • Effective ways for learning word tracks
  • The Proper way to conduct an assessment of needs interview
  • Effective menu presentation
  • Effective relationship with sales desk

Objection Handling Techniques

  • VSC
  • GAP
  • Theft
  • Environmental VSC
  • Dent & Ding
  • Tire & Wheel
  • Key Replacement
  • Pre-Paid Maintenance
  • Product Upsell Techniques

Cash and Credit Union Conversions


Student Evaluation

  • Role play/class involvement
  • Videotaping with group review (copy of video sent to dealer/GM)
  • Homework assignments each evening
  • Test on final day
F&I Strength Assessment

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  • About The Facilitator

    Dave DiGeronimo
    Dave has an extensive retail automotive career that began in 1979. He quickly became one of the top salespeople and rose through the ranks of management. There he gained valuable experience in all phases of dealership operations. Dave eventually left the retail side of the business to become a dealer consultant for an automotive agency in Miami, Florida. As a top performer, he became recognized as an expert dealership consultant. In 1992 he was recruited by Automobile Protection Corporation in Atlanta, Ga. There he enjoyed a successful 12-year career during which time he was promoted to the role of Vice President and National Sales Manager. Dave is also AFIP certified and certified as a trainer for Action Selling.

Our Clients Rate Us

Learned and applied!

I couldn’t be as successful at this job without having gone through that school. Everything I use today I learned from them.

Ricky Osborn Finance Manager
Knowledge and Confidence

Dave Di was a wealth of knowledge, and the class gave me the confidence to go for it. After the class there is no reason to be stumped.

Jesse Wiig Finance Manager
Knowledgeable, patient, and helpful

I liked David (trainer). I thought he was very knowledgeable, patient, helpful all the way around. (He)took his time to make sure we understood before we moved on. Looking back, Video Taping, watching myself, and the process made a huge impact on me.

Zach Frame Finance Manager